Antonio Di Maio
Electronic Engineer

After its ultimate development in 2015, the airport will handle 50 million passengers, two million tons of cargo and 320,000 aircraft landings and take-offs each year. The airport is being constructed near the city of Doha and, when finished, will be approximately two-thirds the size of the city.

NDIA will be the central maintenance hub; located in the midfield area, it will be capable of handling up to eight wide-body aircraft, including A380s, and 11 aircraft. The base will feature a single large hangar containing heavy maintenance and light maintenance bays. The workshop building at the back of the aircraft hangar bays will provide specialised maintenance and automated spare parts storage.

First Day , Year 2012

I arrived at the airport around 9 am, and after attending one hour of security course, in a very warm room, the taxi picked me up and took me to the control tower. Here I started working with the server, installing NetCrunch and verifying the requirements of the machine.

Service Monitoring

Service monitor checks that all services are alive and working properly. A good service monitor simulates the communication protocol of the service and verifies that it receives a reasonable response.

Real Time Monitoring

Thanks SNMP Editor View it is also possible to create a real time dashboard for each node where snmp values are shown in real time.
Information like “Current State of GPS refclock conneted to NTP time server”, “Current Satellites
in view and good of GPS refclock” can be tracked using the SNMP dashboard

Syslog Monitoring

In the Time Server the SYSLOG messages is only stored in the system’s ram disk, therefore it is lost after a power off or restart. In this log all subsystems create their entries, even the OS kernel.
NetCrunch has been configured as an external SYSLOG server so that a subsystem of syslog entries were duplicated on the NetCrunch workstation.

Setting up the console

In order to make the console much clear for the operators I have configured a dynamic query on the event log view so that when an event is resolved it disappears from the panel. The Event Log window also helps to track execution of alerting actions caused by the event.
A ping monitor checks that all equipment and services are functioning. If not, by default the icon representing the node will change color accordingly.