Antonio Di Maio

Today's networks are complex systems delivering various services instead of just connecting PC's together for file transfer. NetCrunch helps you control performance and availability of network services (Ping, HTTP, SSH, FTP, etc.). It watches connections and also reflects them automatically on various graphical network views, like layer 2 segments' maps.

NetCrunch monitors the availability of over 65 predefined TCP/UDP network services, including DNS, FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, etc. Service definitions can be easily added or customized. The software includes advanced Web Page Sensor which is able to load and render dynamic web pages containing Javascript as if they were loaded by the browser


NetCrunch supports all SNMP versions including version 3 with support for version 3 traps. It uses the SNMP protocol to monitor routers, switches, printers, firewalls, sensors, and other devices.

Using SNMP, it is possible to monitor bandwidth, user activity, hardware utilization, and many more. NetCrunch can actively check performance counters, or passively receive SNMP Traps from network devices.

Automatic Layer 2 Map

NetCrunch discovers and presents physical connections between switches and nodes on the layer 2 topology maps. The program automatically updates physical maps if new nodes or connection changes are discovered.

Traffic Monitoring

NetCrunch 8 includes NetFlow traffic server which is able to process flow data from range of network devices using all popular protocols like: IPFix, NetFlow (v5 & v9), JFlow , netStream , CFlow , AppFlow , and rFlow.

Alert & Event Log Management

NetCrunch centralizes event management. It can collect Windows Event Logs , syslog messages, SNMP traps and text logs and store in single embedded SQL database.Programs allows to execute corrective actions (including remote program execution) on defined alerts. Easily setup correlation for external alerts. NetCrunch monitoring can be easily extended by external scripts and programs using NC Open Monitor. All internal alerts are automatically correlated, so NetCrunch knows when the alert begins and when it is finished (closed).

Automatic Alerting Actions

As the response to an event, NetCrunch can execute sequence of actions. NetCrunch contains various actions including running remote scripts or programs and notifications (email, text messages (SMS)). Actions can be executed immediately or with a delay (if the alert is not finished) and the last action can be repeated.

Operating Systems and Applications

Windows , Linux , VMware ESXi , Mac OS X , and BSD - everything natively without agents and without installing SNMP. Predefined Monitoring Packs helps monitoring of MS SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, HP AIX, NetWare, Terminal Services and many others.